• Shanghai MicuRx Pharmaceuticals attended the BIO International Convention

    From June 5th to June 8th in accordance with the PST, , the BIO International Convention, a leading biotechnology exhibition, took place successfully in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. MicuRx Pharmaceuticals (Stock code: 688373 SH.) made its appearance at the convention. Mr. Jerry Li, CFO of MicuRx Pharmaceuticals and President of MicuRx Pharmaceuticals USA, participated in the company’s exhibition session and introduced the company’s profile and R&D pipeline to the attendees.

    Established in 1993, BIO is an annual meeting of the global biotechnology innovation organization in the United States. It is the largest, most professional, and influential biotechnology event in the world. The conference focuses not only on trade transactions but also on exhibitions and meetings, providing a comprehensive platform for companies, technology parks, and research institutions from around the world to promote and showcase their innovations.

    At the afternoon of June 7th PST, Mr. Jerry Li, President of MicuRx Pharmaceuticals USA, attended the event and provided detailed information to the attendees regarding company’s R&D progress, pipeline, and commercialization plans in China, the United States, and Europe. Currently, the core product of company, MRX-4 and Contezolid Tablets, are undergoing global multi-center Phase III sequential trials in an orderly manner. Both products have received Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) designations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), allowing them to enjoy expedited pathways and additional post-market exclusive rights protection, thereby giving them a competitive edge in the U.S. market. In addition, Phase I trials for MRX-8 in the United States have been successfully completed, and several other drugs are undergoing pre-clinical trail, ranging from early-stage research and development to pre-clinical stages. These products collectively form a comprehensive product development pipeline that covers the treatment of “drug-resistance bacteria” while targeting both acute and chronic infections.

    Jerry Li emphasized that MicuRx Pharmaceuticals has consistently pursued a global development strategy, establishing R&D centers in both China and the United States, attracting talents extensively, and looking forward to further exchanges and collaborations with companies and academia in the global field of anti-drug-resistant bacteria. The company focuses on the field of combating multidrug-resistant “superbug” infections while actively expanding into other microbial infection and anti-inflammatory areas, aiming to provide more effective and safer treatment solutions for patients worldwide.

    In conclusion, Jerry Li called on numerous attendees from new drug development companies, research organizations, and government agencies to pay more attention to the significant crisis posed by microbial resistance and continue to work together with MicuRx Pharmaceuticals in the research and development of next-generation anti-infective drugs.