• Mike F. Gordeev

    Dr. Mike F. Gordeev is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of MicuRx. He has over 28 years of experience in drug discovery and development, with strong expertise in antibiotics. Since co-founding MicuRx with Dr. Yuan in 2007, Dr. Gordeev has been responsible for research and development at MicuRx, leading the early design and optimization of drug candidates. He is also the principal inventor of contezolid (MRX-I), contezolid acefosamil (MRX-4), and of MRX-8.Prior to MicuRx, Dr. Gordeev has served as the Executive Director and Vice President of Chemistry of Vicuron through 2005, when Vicuron was acquired by Pfizer. While at Vicuron, he has led several research projects and participated in the R&D of commercialized antibacterial product Dalbavancin and of the antifungal  drug Anidulafungin. Dr. Gordeev holds Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Moscow State University.