• Shanghai MicuRx Pharmaceutical was awarded the “Excellent Case of Innovative Health Product” at the New China Health Industry and Capital Summit Forum

    On May 11, 2023, on the occasion of the 7th “China Brand,” the “2023 New China Health Industry and Capital Summit Forum,” hosted by Economic Information Daily, grandly opened in Deqing, Zhejiang. MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ product, Contezolid tablets, was successfully selected as an “Excellent Case of Innovative Health Product,” fully showing MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ innovative capabilities and product value.

    This event was jointly organized by Xinhua News Agency, government of Zhejiang Province, and China Brand Building Promotion Association, among other institutions. Its aim was to show the high-quality development in the health industry and promote greater responsibilities and contributions of health enterprises in the new era. The event attached great importance to high-quality health cases and set up the “Excellent Case of Health Industry” evaluation segment. Considering various dimensions such as technological barriers, market performance, brand building, and corporate culture, MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ contezolid tablets were recognized as an “Excellent Case of Innovative Health Product.”

    MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ main product is Contezolid tablets (Youxitai®), which belongs to the oxazolidinone class of antibiotics and was approved for market launch in China in June 2021. Contezolid tablets has made molecular structural improvements to the previous generation of super-antibiotics, incorporating an innovative structure. This structure enables a tighter binding with the target site, significantly reducing neurotoxicity and bone marrow suppression toxicity. Contezolid tablets has demonstrated good efficacy and safety in clinical use, and it is expected to become a preferred clinical drug for combating Gram-positive bacteria in the future.