• The R&D Team of Shanghai MicuRx Pharmaceuticals was awarded the “Top Ten Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation Teams of the Year”

    Recently, the selection for the 3rd Pharmaceutical Innovation for Public Welfare Awards, organized by Securities Times, came to a close. After self-recommendation, recommendations, online voting, and expert evaluations, the list of winners was officially announced. In this edition of the awards, MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ Contezolid tablets R&D Team was recognized as one of the “Top Ten Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Teams,” affirming company’s research and development capabilities and commercial value.

    Established in 2021, the Pharmaceutical Innovation for Public Welfare Awards aims to recognize and reward outstanding innovative drug projects, companies, institutions, and scientists who have made significant progress in the past year. The awards rely on the “People’s Finance·Innovative Drug Index” database for evaluation.

    Contezolid Tablets is oxazolidinone antibiotics and represent a new generation of antibacterial drugs independently designed and developed by MicuRx Pharmaceuticals. It is used to treat Gram-positive bacterial infections. Building upon the previous generation of antibacterial drug Linezolid, MicuRx’s R&D team made changes to the molecular structure of the drug, creatively alleviating spinal cord suppression toxicity. Clinical trials have also demonstrated that Contezolid Tablets achieve both effectiveness and safety. They were approved for market launch in China in June 2021 and entered the National Medical Insurance Negotiation in December 2021, filling the gap in domestically produced drugs in the high-end antibiotic field.

    MicuRx Pharmaceuticals’ other products are currently undergoing clinical trials. The Phase III clinical trial for MRX-4 in sequential use with Contezolid Tablets for the treatment of diabetic foot infections is underway. MRX-8 also completed its first dosing in November of the previous year. MicuRx Pharmaceuticals is continuously improving its drug development pipeline for anti-infection drugs, establishing a solid defense line against “super-bacteria” for humanity.

    As an award-winning company, MicuRx Pharmaceuticals attended the awarding ceremony on May 19, where they engaged in discussions with other industry guests on the development path of innovative drugs in China and deliberated on the formation of a new Pharmaceutical Innovation Scientists Alliance.