• The first patient enrolled in MRX-4 for injection sequential oral Contezolid tablets in the treatment of diabetes foot infection Global Phase III clinical trial in the leading PI hospital in China

    On July 25, 2023, MicuRx Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced that its independently developed new drug against Gram positive drug-resistant bacteria – MRX-4 for injection sequential oral Contezolid Tablets, a global phase III clinical trial project for diabetes foot infection indications, was successfully enrolled in the first patient in West China Hospital of Sichuan University in China.

    The study of MRX-4 sequential Contezolid for injection on the indications of diabetes foot infection is a three-phase, international, multi-center, randomized, double-blind study, which mainly evaluates the safety and effectiveness of MRX-4/Contezolid for injection in moderate or severe diabetes foot infection (DFI). This trial will be conducted at approximately 70 clinical research centers in major countries including China, the United States, and Europe. Starting from 2022, the trial officially began the enrollment of phase III clinical trials worldwide, and in December 2022, drug clinical trial applications were submitted and approved in several EU countries. China, as a constituent country of the global third phase clinical research, will bring more first-hand data to the enrolled subjects, promoting the clinical progress of the experiment.

    It is worth noting that Professor Ran Xingwu, director of the diabetes Foot Diagnosis and Treatment Center of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, is the leading PI of the clinical trial in China. Professor Ran Xingwu is the deputy director of the Endocrinology Department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, director of the diabetes Foot Diagnosis and Treatment Center, standing member of the diabetes Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and head of the diabetes Foot and Peripheral Artery Disease Study Group. He has participated in the editing of more than 20 academic monographs, led the development of one Chinese diabetes Foot Prevention Guide and three related consensus, and participated in the development of the Chinese Type 2 diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Guide as a major member, Has significant influence in this field.